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Dark Labyrinth




NOVEMBER 15 - 17th, 2019 

An Immersive Cosmic Horror Tale

Demons, Romance & Blood

Dark Labyrinth is an all-inclusive weekend of gothic intrigue, mystery, magic, and blood. Form alliances between the Vampire families, conjure demons to bend to your will, and discover the secrets hidden throughout the opening weekend of The DeKoven Hotel.

• Stay the weekend at the DeKoven Estate, transformed into a roaring 1920's hotel - full of terrors and mystery.

• Orientation Lunch Friday, Friday Dinner, Saturday Brunch, Saturday Dinner, and Sunday Brunch.

• A ball on Saturday night with 1920's themed dancing.

• An immersive adventure of intrigue and blood.

• With help from our Game Master, you will create your own character and backstory.


Spend the weekend at the new DeKoven Hotel...

22 years ago, a massacre at the DeKoven Estate devastated the town of Racine, Wisconsin. A pile of bodies desecrated the bridal suite of the onsite cathedral, fresh blood profaning the holy ground. Three more corpses lay before the cathedral altar, pure silver staining their lips.

22 years ago, the townsfolk turned the basement of Taylor Hall into a morgue.

22 years ago, the townsfolk closed the gates, leaving the grounds to the ghosts.

22 years ago, DeKoven Estate was abandoned.

No living soul disturbed that soil until now. Mr. Martin VanBorsen purchased the deed, intent on transforming the grand manor into a luxury hotel despite the protestations of the townfolk.

Mr. VanBorsen invites you all to bury the past and embrace the future. The grand opening is set for 1921, and he guarantees a night to remember. Are you brave enough to face DeKoven’s bloody legacy?

Choose Your Beginning

Come to the Grand Opening...

Do you dare venture to the DeKoven Hotel?


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Moonrise Games builds immersive fantastical environments to transport our Players to worlds beyond our own, using trained actors as NPCs (non-player characters) to fully integrate our Players into the world. Within these worlds, Players are free to create relationships, discover secrets, and build alliances (or break them).

The choices Players make in the game impact the story and the world around them, making the world we create together collaborative.

Unlike other LARPs, our NPCSs go through a rigorous 6 week rehearsal process, rehearsing scenes with multiple outcomes and destinations depending on the choices made by Players.

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