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USE CODE: idranksilver

You lie alone with the of your pack in the basement of Taylor Hall. The feel of silver in your throat still burns, even after 22 years. You haven't transcended. There has been no light at the end of the tunnel. No afterlife. Just stillness. Just waiting. Just the torture of boredom not being able to move.

Then one cold day, you hear movement above. Music begins to play - a tune that you have not heard before. You hear the sounds of construction. Life is coming back to the DeKoven estate. A groan escapes your lips. Does that mean life is also returning to you?


You hear of a grand opening. You hear the date. You make a dark wish - to be brought back for just one night and seek revenge for all that stood by and watched you drink of silver death. To your shock, after 22 years of silence, you hear a reply. Your prayer will be answered. 

WEREWOLF: This unique Player type can kill one Player per day, or convert them into a werewolf.

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