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The Order



Joining The Order is to take an oath to protect world against an unwanted and destructive infestation for as long as you live. It is to cut all ties, give up your family and fight for a higher cause. It is to become the salvation of humanity, when all other lights go out.

22 years ago, The Order was practically wiped off the face of the earth. You and the last of your kind have worked tirelessly to preserve what little information is left pertaining to the slaying of Vampires.  It has been an exhausting struggle, but the search has uncovered a small group left. From there, The Order has slowly begun to rebuild.

You hear that The DeKoven Estate, which once was locked down by the local townsfolk, is reopening, becoming The DeKoven Hotel. It's an opportunity you cannot pass up. You need to unlock the secrets within and find out what happened to the last of your kind. Perhaps you will be able to find the ancient relics that were lost, or perhaps you will find yourself facing a darker fate...

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