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"Never trust the Vampire. When you desire a miracle, put your faith in a Witch."
- Unknown

From the beginning of time, Witches have permeated the margins of our known history. And, in turn, there have always been those who sought their knowledge and power. ​ Since the combining of the Light and Dark Magics of covens Bavmorda and Morgana 22 years ago, the witches are more powerful than ever. With their combined powers, they have been able to put aside years of unrest and difficultly, and become a force of magic the likes of which hasn't existed in centuries. From seances to potent rituals, it seems there's nothing that can stop the Witches at this point. ​ When an offer comes to return to the DeKoven Estate for the grand reopening, the Witches are beyond thrilled to tap into that ancient source of magic once more...

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