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What is A LARP?

A LARP (live action role playing) is a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.

What kind of LARP is 'Dark Labyrinth'?

Dark Labyrinth is a one night Theatre/Parlor/Nordic Style LARP - a LARP subgenre focusing on narrative-immersive theatrical storytelling that uses character relationships to tell the story. Our LARP is not combat based, but choice focused. The choices you make, and how you interact with the NPC's (Non-playable characters, or Actors) in the game, will determine the final outcome.

Here are some key points to our LARP:

  • Our LARP emphasizes role-playing and character relationships.  The bulk of the playing style of our LARP will be devoted to qualities like history, hopes, fears, flaws, desires, and dreams. You will get more out of your experience with Dark Labyrinth by focusing on the words you write down and figure out the puzzles we set forth for your character.

  • You build and create your own character. This character is unique is you and you alone.​​

Tell me More About your NPC's?

All of the Dark Labyrinth NPCs are highly trained actors, combatants, and improvisors. Your character will be able to approach, converse, and debate all NPC's. (Be careful, however- that doesn't mean they are going to be nice to you!) Depending on your class and house, each NPC will treat your character differently. 

Our NPCs are fully fleshed characters with motivations and conflicts that directly conflict with another characters goals. NPC's may ask you to take allegiance or go on quests to undermine other characters. This intrigue is all a part of the game and how your character can create a direct impact on the world of Amelor and it's politics.

Our NPCs are also the only characters allowed Live Steel. All weapons and magical items will be provided for your character on arrival to DeKoven.

What is Your Harassment Policy?

Our game is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of players or other participants in any form. Game participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the game without a refund at the discretion of the Moonrise Games Staff.

You can view our Anti-Harassment Policy here.

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