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The Experimentalists

"“There is nothing man was not meant to know- only things that are challenges to figure out.”
- Julius Charnel

The Experimentalists lie on the fringes of the scientific community, a loose coalition of natural philosophers, alchemists, and occultists who seek knowledge regardless of consequences. Their maniac devotion to the spirit of inquiry makes them pariahs in the eyes of polite society. A single burning question drives most Experimentalists, an obsessive curiosity about a specific mystery that most on the outside of their ranks mistake for madness. Those with the acumen to recognize the Experimentalist fervor as the most terrible sanity of all find them to be tenacious hunters, though they prey on secrets and mysteries rather than men and monsters. It is this lunatic lucidity that calls the Experimentalists out of the shadows to return to DeKoven so they can once more explore what lies within...

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