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"In the beginning, the Dark Father loved at the feet of the great witch Bavmorda. He was precious to her, until his thirst for life irrevocably altered the balance of magic. After his transformation he spawned three children... this offspring created what we now call the Vampire. They are the harbingers of everything dark and mysterious in this world." - Evelyn Dalton, Demonologist
- Evelyn Dalton, Demonologist


Avem: Seat of the Bird

Rarely seen by the outside world due to their feathers, the Avem family is named after the firstborn daughter of the Dark Father after his time in Ancient Egypt.


Mistaken by many mortal-bloods as angels or demons, the Avem tend to keep to themselves and are rarely seen in the public eye. When they must venture outside their jewelled manors, they hide their wings inside heavy coats and pluck the feathers from their temples- a very uncomfortable and scandalous activity for an Avem to partake in.

Unlike the Svrien, who prefer one-on-one meals, Avem keep entire families under their wing, dining only enough to sustain themselves and create everlasting bonds - called bloodties - with their mortal mates. They consider the relationship to be symbiotic as the bloodtied mortal families often become extremely loyal to their Avem “keepers”, even sometimes tasked with keeping the Avem safe during the daytime hours and when they venture into the public sphere. In return, the bloodtied mortals enjoy an extremely lavish lifestyle.



Svrien: Seat of the Serpent


The most recognizable vampire, the Svrien family is what mortal-bloods have grown accustomed to fearing due to a wide variety of mortal literature, art and theatre. The second son of the Dark Father, Svrien was notorious for his pride and bloodlust. The most prominent characteristic of Svrien’s offspring are the pointed incisors that grow before feeding, and once a Svrien begins to feed, it’s nearly impossible for them to stop.



Vilkas: Seat of the Wolf

The humblest of the siblings, Vilkas was the youngest offspring of the Dark Father, and the one who struggled the most with the darkness within him. 22 years ago, The Dark Father all but wiped the Vilkas off the face of the earth. Only a few packs remain.


Members of the Vilkas lineage strive to tame their darker natures, some more successfully than others, and tend to blend in best with mortal-blood life. They attempt to lead a ‘vegetarian lifestyle’ feeding almost entirely on animals or those who are already deceased. Often they will group together for feeding in cemeteries or where there is ample livestock. Because of this, their power is deemed more diminished than the Avem or the Svrien; however Vilkas believe that true power lies within our relationships and how we respect the world around us.

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