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The Dark Father

Creator of Immortals


Promteius Avem

Avem Prince

Prometius Avem currently sits in the Seat of Avem. He’s soft-spoken, intense and often described as “gentlemanly to a fault”. Chivalrous and open, he encourages the vampires in his brood to mind their manners, portray a sense of godliness and be gracious about their top tier positioning on the food chain. While Prometius was not created by the Dark Father directly, his grandfather was and the Seat of Avem was passed down from his grandfather to his father and now to him. Unlike the Svrien and the the Vilkas lineages, Prometius is a direct descendent of the original Avem; and while he is not outwardly boastful about this he secretly harbours a great pride for his Avem roots.


Bridget Muireann MacMahon

Avem Bloodtied

Bridget is the oldest daughter in a large Irish Catholic family. They immigrated over from Ireland during the Great Hunger (Irish Potato Famine) and ended up living in a tenement building in NYC. 

Bridget's father went to work on the railroads to try to make some money, her mother does laundry to make a few coins, and Bridget watches after the younger children.

One night, while on a darkened street in her borough she was approached by a tall dark figure who never fully emerges from the shadows.

The shadowy figures beckons to her and Bridget hesitantly approaches, despite the alarm bells going off in her head.The figure draws her further into the shadows and as he begins to speak she sees feathers peaking out from beneath his cloak. Bridget is ready to fall on her knees and thank God for sending this guardian angel when memories of the stories one of the Romanian girls on the ship to America used to tell at night creep in through her elation. Stories about feathered vampires.

Bridget, her mother, and the rest of her siblings now reside with Prometius and several other Avem. They live in the lap of luxury in exchange for the use of their blood as sustenance. 

Although Bridget is still fiesty and scrappy, she has learned to be sophisticated and has the appearance of a lady of privilege. She knows how to dance and, thanks to the Avem, can wield a sword and dagger if necessary.

When Prometius received the invitation to the Dark Father's dinner and decided to attend, Bridget was ready to go with whether Prometius asked her to or not. She thinks that Prometius gives others too much of the benefit of the doubt and wants to be able to protect him if need be. Prometius did ask her to come with him, not only because he needs a food source, but also because he trusts her and enjoys her company and knows that she is loyal to a fault.


Countess Rose Baettery


Countess Rose Baettery was the daughter of a wealthy French aristocrat. One night her estate was attacked leaving everyone drained and left for dead, except her. She was gifted immortal life that night from the Dark Father and placed as the new Seat of Svrien. Shortly after, she met and fell in love with a handsome young man whom she married in secret. However, upon their wedding night that same young man tried to decapitate her, only to make it through one stroke of the ax before fleeing into the dark.


Valerina and Valliant Gray


Sister and brother, Valerina and Valliant Gray were elected to the Seat of Vilkas after the prior Seat was dismissed from the pack due to his obsession with converting the group away from their values. Within this inter-family conflict, Valerina and Valliant were vocal about keeping Vilkas at peace with the world at large and finding harmony in all things. Valerina possess a keen mind and is often described as ‘the only empath in the pack’ and Valliant possess a supernatural ability to sustain for weeks on a single drop of blood. The pair has never disagreed and is known for their unbreakable bond, obsession with the other’s wellbeing and for enjoying the company and comfort of one another.

The Vilkas believe that the world is stronger when it works together. Some Vilkas believe they are monsters and seek out anything that could turn them from their bloodthirst or make them human again; and there are countless stories in Vilkas history of vampire and mortal unrequited love. Upon becoming Vilkas, their eyes go through a transformational process where they are gifted perfect nocturnal vision, an envy of both the Avem and the Svrien.


Julius Chanel


Perhaps fitting for leader of the shadowy sect of thinkers that call themselves the Experimentalists, little is known about Julius Charnel. Even his closest confidants only know him through the letters he writes, sharing his fascinations and obsessions with fit readers, though few. Ostensibly the protege of the late, great Dr. J. Fulcanelli- despite the Good Doctor’s many vehement denials that he would ever deign to teach- Julius carries on his master’s research now that Fulcanelli resides beneath six feet of dirt.

Julius keeps himself secret for a singular reason- he was made, not born. This alleged “pupil” of Fulcanelli is in fact the Good Doctor’s final project, a stitched simulacrum of a human being, animated by a process Fulcanelli took with him to the grave. The Good Doctor never gave his homunculus a name, as his life overlapped with Julius’s for mere minutes. The Good Doctor, haggard and weak, driven to self-destruction by his all consuming passion to grant Julius life, looked at his creation with a divine compassion, a love in his eyes that Julius will remember for as long as he walks the word. “My charnel child,” Fulcanelli whispered as he died, an epithet which Julius adopted as his own.

Thus was Julius made and thrust into the world, alone and adrift. He anchored himself in the doctor’s notes, taking the name “Julius” to further honor his maker. A life without purpose being no life at all, Julius devoted himself to the Good Doctor’s work, looking to overcome that most persistent of adversaries- death itself. For years he studied the doctors notes from the safety of the laboratory, only venturing out into the world when absolutely necessary, preferring to employ resurrection men and other unsavory characters to bring the samples he requires to his door. While he maintains that he created the Experimentalists out of an academic desire to improve the sorry state of scientific thinking, so tied up as it was by decorum and society, the truth of the matter is far simpler. Julius Charnel is alone in the world, and surrounding himself with others who share his obsessive drive- even filtered through the medium of the written word- makes him feel less so.

It is with great apprehension that Charnel ventures out of his laboratory to DeKoven, summoned by a mysterious benefactor with pockets as deep and purposes as unfathomable as the human mind. He is reaching out to the finest minds in his circle of influence, those spirits he feels the strongest kinship with, and he awaits their answer. The Experimentalists shall meet in the flesh soon, a prospect which excites and terrifies Julius in equal measure.


Evelyn Dalton

Witch Demonologist

Evelyn Dalton is the only daughter of an infamous vampire hunter. She was groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps, but when she turned away from her father's path she became an outcast. Having always had an interest in the magickal arts, Evelyn entered the world of Academia and began her study of Demonology and summon magic, combining her thirst for scholastic knowledge with her natural proclivity for Thaumaturgy. Though her Academic pursuits were often rejected as “a woman’s insanity”, her magickal studies proved extremely successful, and her curiosity, ambition, and extensive knowledge of demonology earned her the role of High Priestess of Coven Morgana.


Demona Alizon

Hedge Witch

For generations, Demona’s family followed the light of Bavmorda. The family had been known as respected healers for decades. Her grandmother, Demdike, felt she could do more though. She combed through her many tomes for days on end, until she found a ritual to call forth a demon. Without hesitation, she made a dark deal for ultimate knowledge and true unmatched power. Thus the Alizon family gained immense knowledge and dark powers that were stronger than most could control. There was only one survivor when Demdike passed on, Demona’s mother, Alice, who also followed in her mother’s way of dealing in Demon Magick. When she passed on, there was only Demona. She has struggled for most her life to go back to the light of Bavmorda but the darkness of Morgana and the demon that haunts her family still looms ever closer in the shadows.


Katherine Carleton

The Order - Europe

Katherine Alexandrina Irena Carleton is second child of Lord Reginald Carleton, 4th Earl of Churt, and Sibyl Blackwood, the heiress of the Blackwood Banking Firm in America.

A rambunctious child from the time she could walk, Katherine could be found as often in her family’s library as she could be traipsing the halls of the London house. When she was old enough, her mother, an avid supporter of the early suffragette movement in England, encouraged her husband to let their daughter follow her older brother to Cambridge. Katherine was to attend the relatively new Girton College, where she excelled in Literature and History. 
It was in the latter subject that she began to catch the eye of College benefactor Magdalene Cosgrove, Lady Walton. Katherine’s questioning of certain events in history as seemingly out of place, as if manipulated by an outside force, annoyed her professors, but impressed the Lady. Magdalene took Katherine under her wing, and soon trusted the girl enough to reveal a secret: Lady Walton was also Lady Diagon IV, head of an order of Hunters charged with keeping an ancient threat at bay: vampires. Intrigued if not more than a little skeptical, Katherine’s disbelief vanished when, in the fall of 1888, a series of gruesome murders shook London, the Whitechapel neighborhood especially. The Order was eventually able to track down and eliminate the threat, but not before 5 women met a bloody end. 

Katherine and the Lady decided that the best place for some of The Order to hide would be in plain sight. In an announcement that sent a ripple through the London upper class, Katherine Carleton announced her decision to form an acting troop. What people didn’t know was that the majority of the troop was comprised of members of The Order, who were now free to move around Europe and between all rungs of society with little suspicion. The group became known for their production of Faust, not in the least because Katherine took on the title role.

While in Vienna, the group learned that there had been an attack on Lady Walton’s home. Racing back to England, they found their patron still alive, but grievously wounded and unable to continue in her duties as Lady Diagon. There was little time to mourn, as a series of reports from across the Atlantic had the Order focusing their attention on the New World. Letters were dispatched from the new Lady Diagon, and the actors set out for a tour of America, intent on discovering, with the help of their colonial brothers and sisters, exactly what mischief was afoot…


David Manchester

Human Reporter

He has an ear to the ground on all the latest high society gossip and will do whatever it takes to get the story! Meet David Manchester...

David is the Society Page reporter for the Highgate Gazette in England. He’s been assigned to the Americas to find out what’s fashionable amongst the Yanks of high society. His readers are always hungry to discover what’s in this year! Of course, what David is really hoping for is a story that will propel him into investigative journalism. That’s where his true passions lie. He’s always on the lookout for that big scoop that keeps eluding him! Society events can be so dull. Hopefully, this gathering will have some of the excitement Mr. Manchester craves.

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