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USE CODE: iwantrevenge

Your body has sat decomposing for 22 years. No light at the end of the tunnel. No everlasting peace. Just turmoil. Just silence. Just stillness. Alone with your thoughts, replaying the final moments of your life. Replaying the faces that stood idly by while your entire Order had their throats ripped out. The Dark Father's cold eyes burning as you walked into the cold room and accepted your fate at dawn.


Then the world above begins to stir. You hear murmurs of "restoring DeKoven to its former glory" and "a big opening weekend party". Your stake hand begins to twitch. Are you moving? Can it be true?


The dark magic of the estate whispers to you. You will rise again. You will have your revenge.


ZOMBIE: This unique Player type can either infect other Players, turning them into Zombies - or seek a cure.

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